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Build their adventure.

We worked with these schools to create a journey just for them - see what they experienced

September 2019 was our seventh year spent at Grittleton House in Wiltshire, southern England. The trip, which has been taking place every year since 2012, which always ensures bright eyes, this time was crowned by almost consistently wonderful weather. Regional excursions led, among others, to Stonehenge, Bath, Bristol, South Wales and Avebury; after that there were games and class activities on the premises. Also, the arrival and departure by ferry with a view of the famous chalk cliffs of Dover was an experience.

Teacher & Organiser

"We have enjoyed our stay at Grittleton House School immensely with all our students and teachers. Our students were very enthusiastic about their lessons taught at Grittleton and their English has improved tremendously. Our students enjoyed the Roman Bath house, the Holburne museum and the Bath Abbey. Also Lacock and Castle Combe cannot be missed if you stay at Grittleton House School. The food was great, breakfast, packed lunches and dinner were delicious and we couldn’t want anything else."

Maerlant Lyceum, The Hague, Netherlands
Staying at Grittleton House