Bath Highlights 2017
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Bath Highlights 2017

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May 2017



Bath City is truly unique.  A designated UNESCO world heritage site that offers history, culture and stunning Georgian architecture.  Here are just a few highlights of 2017 in Bath;

The Bath Festival – 19–28 May 2017.

The Bath festival is a 10 day event celebrating words music and literature.  Events are staged at multiple venues across the city and range from workshops and theatre performances to concerts and readings with celebrity appearances.  Activities abound to suit all ages and promise to bring the street of Bath to life.  TWIT @bathfestivals.

The Roman Baths Museum – Open all year round

Visit the 2000 year old ancient baths built on a natural hot water spring.  The Roman Baths Museum boasts one of the best preserved Roman remains in the world  Highlights include Interactive exhibitions, audio tours and spring water tasting as part of your entry fee! TWIT @RomanBathsBath

The Victoria Art Gallery – Open all year round

Known for its friendly atmosphere and exciting exhibitions including works by Turner and Gainsborough.  Highlights include Free entry to permanent collection, activities for groups including workshops for  Schools, and regular talks/ handling sessions


The Jane Austen Festival – 8–17 September 2017

This 10 day festival celebrates all things Jane Austen.  Set in multiple venues across Bath highlights include performances and readings of her best known works, musicals, workshops and educational sessions, and of course the legendary Summer Costume Ball and Parade.  @janeaustenfest  @janeaustenfestivalbath