My Work Experience in England 2017
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My Work Experience in England 2017

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Oct 2017



Julia spent 6 weeks on work experience with us at our main residential centre Grittleton House during the summer of 2017. Her main objectives were to gain work experience in the travel and hospitality industry and also to experience working abroad and speaking English. Here is her story.

“I pretty quickly got used to speaking English on an everyday basis”

Hello everyone!

My name is Julia and today I would like to share with you my feelings about working in Grittleton, England. Being only 16 years old I was stressed out by a lonely stay in a foreign country. It wasn’t the first time for me to spend holidays without my family but the first time I have been so far away from my homeland, Poland. To my surprise, after just a few days I almost felt like I was back home, or even better. Despite the language shock at the beginning, I pretty quickly got used to speaking English on an everyday basis. Also, I think my English improved a lot, especially when it comes to talking.

The most important thing about my trip to England, which I would like you to know, is that I never expected people here to be so caring and understanding. The fact that everyone was easy going and selfless made my stay really enjoyable. I received help whenever I needed it and what is more, I didn’t miss my family! I made a lot of friends here and I would love to come back to Grittleton again. Although sometimes I felt tires, these holidays were one of the best in my life.

If you are wondering where to go next summer, I’ve got the answer! I highly recommend visiting Grittleton, you’ll be amazed by the kindness and warmth that you’ll receive.

I hope to see you in Grittleton!